Connect to spirit, explore the energy of the season, reframe your holiday experience as you inspire deep connection and dance with the powerful elements that this season brings!
Are you ready deepen your creative journey this season? 
begins on December 9th! 

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In this 12 night guided process you will:
  • Feel nurtured and find delight during a busy and sometimes challenging season
  • Activate wisdom, healing and celebration as you connect with your winter cycle through creative exploration
  • ​Deepen your understanding of Self, Sacred Place and Spirit as you create with the guided journey meditations
  • ​Connect to the meaning of your Solstice Season, with simple creative prompts to meet each night
  • ​Discover kindred connection with a community of like minded seekers + artists of life
Winter Solstice has been celebrated in all cultures, for all time remembered. On the longest night of the year, the cycle of light is suspended in time, dark balancing light and the veil between the worlds is thin.

 This marks the beginning of the solar year yet moving into the light is cloaked in darkness. We explore the depth of our lives seeking the gold in the dark, it is the spark, the shine, the sparkle that is held, warmed and nurtured in the cloak of darkness.

The solstice connects us to the cycles of the earth, often inspiring us to deepen our understanding of Self, Sacred Place and Spirit, each message we claim is distinctive and unique.

Recognizing your own connections within your winter cycles will activate wisdom, healing and celebration as well as making space for balancing and honoring.
What to expect: 
 Each evening you will receive a short guided journey audio or video as well as a quote, poem and image or symbol to guide you on the path. Spend just a few minutes each evening into morning, inviting the creative to rise inside. This will allow you to journey with your own Inner Solstice as the ancients did, marking the start of each new day at sunset, befriending the darkness with light, and finding the gifts of the season.
Are you are a conscious creative ready to deepen your experience of art + life? Activate your intuition and discover new ways of knowing as you invite creative inspiration, play and embrace the journey that brings powerful insight to you!

I have found new and deeply meaningful paths

"Working with Cat Caracelo and doing this beautiful, deep work has given me a way to access and understand many parts of myself, to expand through personal growth, and to find ways to bring forward my own personal stories and truths. I have found new and deeply meaningful paths, along with language and tools to express the deepest parts of me, allowing me to heal, transform and experience a richer life. I love the sense of community and the individual emphasis through personal coaching calls." - Jan Blencowe

Cat will support you in more ways than you can imagine

“Working with Cat Caracelo was a game changer for me and I highly recommend her programs and training's. If you want to use your creative passion to build a theoretically sound, skill rich practice founded in a Jungian, expressive arts and narrative coaching approach, she will support you in more ways than you can imagine.” -Susan Lang

Cat Caracelo
Cat Caracelo M.A. is the founder of JourneyPath Institute; a depth coach, educator, artist and “guidess” working internationally with individuals and groups.

Cat is the author of Gathering Wholeness, the creator of the JourneyCircles™ process, and has led thousands of women through  Mythos Journey and Quest community based eCourses offered continuously for over thirteen years.

Cat has designed and developed an innovative approach to depth work, creative process and coaching. She guides the JourneyPath Institute programs and training's, has a thriving coaching practice and leads retreats in the United States and Europe.
Create your own Solstice Journey!
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